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Stickers and Decals

We often get asked what the difference between a sticker and a decal is.


A sticker is an adhesive backed label or notice, usually printed. People use them for notebooks, laptops, refrigerators, bumpers.


A decal is usually larger and intended for a grander scale and most often is cut to the shape of the design. These are usually made for equipment or vehicle graphics.

We print decals and stickers a few different ways.

Screen printed

Decals are done for larger quantities. While we can print half tones, we typically leave those for our digital print process. Spot colors work best for screen printing bumper stickers and can last up to 10 years.


Digitally printed

Stickers can be laminated or not. Depending on how long the use is and whether it is an interior or exterior application will be the determining factor. They can have a matte or gloss finish. This method is used for the best resolution and is quite durable; in fact this is the method used for vehicle wraps.

Thermal printing

Is taking a foil coil and imprinting an image onto adhesive backed vinyl. There are many options for color/design and type of vinyl and this is the most affordable option. The expected life of a thermal printed decal/sticker is 3 to 5 years.

Cut vinyl

Is usually lettering that is just die cut in the color. This is usually masked for ease of application. It is most commonly used for Store Hours. It is used on vehicle graphics, magnetics and other substrates to make signs that are not digitally printed.

The two can be used interchangeably so it is important to note the specifics.
stickers and decals January 9, 2018
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